Tips for Mortal Kombat! This a new page!

Liu Kang is the main character of Mortal Kombat, for a fact.

To start pick a character try to avoid the opponents punches, kicks, special moves, and such.
When you use a Special move, (such as Scorpion's spear) uppercut the opponent. Sometimes, the other opponent will
block your attack, Immediatly press BLOCK, the opponent will try to throw out a special move. (Kano's Knife
Throw) Use special moves at least 2-3 times per round, do moves you haven't tried yet a footsweep, or basic punching,
this is the "Basic strategy"When you reach the endurance rounds, try to get a flawless and use the "endless dropkick"
strategy. How to to this is very simple. simply knock the person down, then jump towards the opponent then press HIGH
KICK or press LOW KICK. Then use the Basic Strategy. When you play Goro, (imediately after the 3rd Endurance) use Scorpion
when you start use the Spear then uppercut he will be caught off guard then use the dropkick strategy. only once or twice
though. Foot sweeps won't work and are a death trap. Always dodge the flying fists Goro throws. When he jumps and tries
to sqush you, simply drop kick him, to master this skill may take you 5 - 15 credits.

Shang Tsung is much worse.
He can throw out flaming skulls which sream and yell just duck them, he can also morph into every other character this
Goro as well, for this you must play as Liu Kang (you can play as others and win but is harder and you won't get a good
ending, Raiden has the bad ending and he is a hard to use player. So it is not a good choice to pick him anyway. When you
Liu Kang, just start fly kicking Shang Tsung. He will morph into different warror quite offen. Shang Tsung is actually
weak in is regular form he won't punch you, kick you, or cast a fatality on you. He shoots out flaming, screaming, skulls
and morphs into a warrior then has that warrior to fight you. When you have backed Shang Tsung into a corner, uppercut him.
fly kicking him won't work then. You will fly kick past him and Shang Tsung will morph into mainly Raiden and then, well,
pretty much own you. To master this, I suggest a bucket of quarters because this is a hard to beat game.